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Edinburgh Bureau and Agency ( US or Germany ) publicity posters

This type of display publicity  first appeared in 1967 and the numbering system, when used , follows the sequence of the counter grille cards.

The exact use of these items remains unclear. They were available for display at the Post Office Philatelic counters around the country with the Edinburgh Philatelic Counter address printed across the bottom.

There were two variants done for the US and German agents with their relevant address across the bottom. The Agents may well have distributed them to dealers in their area.  They may also have had an important role in the British Government's desire to promote trade  and cutlural links around the World through Embassies and Trade Delegations.

The initial items had the stamps affixed and were sent out pre-release . This  caused some problems with the German distribution  as stamps were being returned to the UK for use pre-release date. The stamps were therefore "CANCELLED" by various sized handstamps. This solved the problem but created an eagerly sought after over-print for collectors. By 1970 the stamps were de-faced with a biro or felt tip pen across the corner. The US agent's items always appear with the stamps unmarked.

At the London Stamp Show 2000 variants of the 1969 Gandhi stamps were being sold. The paper was of modern origin and very white, the printing looked to be done on an ink-jet printer, the PL(P) reference number was for a 1973 issue. I do not believe them to be original items !

If you are unsure about an item , please feel free to ask as there are other ways to recognise a modern copy . For obvious reasons I am not going to list them all here.

Please note , The pages are 222mm wide . They are much  wider than A4 with four holes punched for the US and Germany versions. Collectors have often trimmed  them down to make them more presentable. It is normally possible to see if this has happpened by looking carefully along this border for signs of recent cutting or an uneven side. Otherwise get a ruler out and measure.

Edinburgh Bureau: Images and listing in progress.

USA Agent posters

Commerorative stamps. See the end of this Section for Definitives, Regionals and Postage Dues

1970 Rural Archeitecture - image to follow
For Definitives, High Values , Regionals and Postage Dues please see below.

Ulster..    PL(P) 2153 C
Lit Anniv. PL(P) 2159 C
Gen Anniv. PL(P) 2167 C
Universities PL(P) 2175 C

Polar Explorers PL(P) 2198 C
Gen Anniv           PL(P) 2205 C
Churches           PL(P) 2212 C
BBC                     PL(P) 2225 C
Xmas                   PL(P) 2234 C
Silver Wedding PL(P) 2244 C

EC                            PL(P) 2260 C
Oak                           PL(P) 2268 C
Explorers                 PL(P) 2276 C
Cricket                    PL(P) 2284 C
Paintings                PL(P) 2292 C
Inigo Jones            PL(P) 2304 C
Parliament             PL(P) 2310 C
Xmas                      not seen

Chestnut                  PL(P)  2338 C
Fire                           PL(P) 2353 C
UPU                         PL(P) 2361 C
Britons                    PL(P) 2369 C
Churchill                 PL(P) 2380 C
Christmas             PL(P) 2391 C          

Other posters do exist. Details and scans welcomed.    Paul Jones    [email protected]

German Agent posters. Images and lisitng in progress.